Welcome!  International Buddhist Society of Pennsylvania is located at Sadaham Sevana Meditation Center, in a very beautiful, quiet and serene rural environment in south central Pennsylvania.  You are invited to join us for Dharma talks, meditation, Buddhist worship services, or to learn about Dharma and meditation. 

Lord Buddha observed that life involves dissatisfaction (suffering), that the cause for suffering is self-centered desires, and that enlightenment and the end of suffering (nirvana) can be attained by the Noble Eightfold Path, which includes morality, self-discipline, and meditation.  Emphasizing direct experience, personal responsibility, and understanding one's own mind, the Dharma as taught by Buddha provides a specific method of attaining purity of action, speech and mind, along with compassion, equanimity, kindness, generosity and understanding.

We follow the Theravada tradition of Buddhism, which is based on the Tripitaka, the oldest record of the Buddha's teachings.

All Center services and activities are free of charge.

See "For Kids" page - Videos of Jataka stories with Dharma discussions  

"He who absorbs deeply the Dharma lives happily with a tranquil mind.  The wise man ever delights in the Dharma made known by the Noble One (the Buddha)."

          Dhammapada 6:4

"Wisdom springs from meditation; without meditation, wisdom wanes."

            Dhammapada 20:10

"One by one, little by little, moment by moment, a wise man should remove his own impurities, as the smith removes the dross from silver."

            Dhammapada 18:5 

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